History – Porta


Jacek Sarnowski, the founder of PORTA company, came from a family of crafts traditions. His father taught him, that if he wants to achieve something, he must work for it. When as a child he saw a silver gun - a toy Colt – in commision sale behind the glass exhibition, he wanted to have it and move back to the times western. Although the toy was expensive, he managed to collect the money, but after buying his dreamed gem, the charm of the dream disappeared. The main thing was in fact not the same possession, but the pursuit of purpose. And this trait indeed, combined with a passion to create, with continuous need for change and development, allowed him later to create a company, which today is a leader in the production of doors for the Polish market.


When Jacek Sarnowski returned from a trip to France he already had the business experience and a head full of ideas and inspirations. He knew that the house is the most important place on earth for every man, it is the security that brings relief. And each house begins with a door. This thought inspired him to establish PORTA company. At the beggining, in 1992 in the first plant in Bolszewo near Wejherowo city, there worked no more than 10 people. Today it's the main company's and Porta KMI Poland East branch's head office.


The company's founder, Jacek Sarnowski says, that the success is not just a matter of luck. The open mind, an idea for a business, investing in people and caring about the quality are important as well. An innovative approach to business quickly paid off, and in year 2000 the modern factory of wooden door frames in Elk City - PORTA KMI System – has been established.


Our company's products faster and faster begun to gain the market belief. The production technology has been continuously modernized and the Board has been intensively invested in new facilities and equipment. Just one year after opening the first branch in Elk City, there was founded the second factory Porta KMI Metal, manufacturing metal frames. In April 2001 a new company Porta KMI Fornir in Suwalki, producing woodwork, has entered the PORTA Group.


Fairness to the people, who come together to form the company's success, is a pillar of stable development. In July 2003, in city of Arad, Romania, was established Porta KMI Romania srl., which two years later, officially opened its first factory. We would not achieve that without our employees.


The modern and automated production technology has always been important to us. Thanks to that we differentiate not only with a wide assortment, but also with the ability to implementing even the most custom orders. In November 2009, a new door frames department PORTA KMI Fornir in Suwalki was established, and we developed our potential.


Since its inception of the company, we are focused on the following the global trends but also the dialogue with Polish consumers and partners as well. Therefore, in 2011 we created blogporta.pl - a platform for all those who are looking for more information about doors, looking for inspirations and specific advices that clearly explain technical issues. For professionals and yourselfers we have created a portal dobrymontażysta.pl, which is not only a solid knowledge base about all our products, but also a space to exchange opinions.


Today PORTA company is 5 factories of the door, which are monthly chosen by the owners of 20 000 Polish homes and apartments. We employ 1,600 workers, without which the success of the company would not be possible. The company develops thanks to innovative ideas, inspirations and changes. We still looking for new solutions for doors, which are the heart of every dream home - we believe that still there is a lot ahead of us. We invest in our team, but also in the generation of young Polish designers. In the Porta BY ME contest they can demonstrate their creativity and fresh look. Jacek Sarnowski dreamed of an architect proffesion, he has always been fascinated of creating and creation. He hasn't become an architect, but he was able to build a company that has a stable fundamentals and prospects for further development in the future.