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In PORTA we believe that the greatest asset of the company are the people. We want them to feel job satisfaction and actively participate in the life of the company. The key element of the recruitment process is a conversation. It's the perfect moment to get know the person, present them the rules of functioning of the organization and exchange mutual expectations.



In PORTA we try to build a workplace, where everyone can improve their knowledge and develop their skills. We offer essential trainings, aimed at facilitating the implementation of daily tasks. Production workers have the opportunity to increase its powers through certified courses. PORTA supports the implementation of plans and aspirations of their employees by subsidizing the studies. We also enables to gain experience in other fields and factories in Poland and Romania.



We create a work environment based on diversity, where everyone can count on an individual approach. We are open to young people, their energy, dynamism and fresh look. We are aware that entering the labor market is associated with overcoming many barriers. That is why we have developed a number of solutions aimed at facilitating this process. We cooperate with academic Career Offices. We have a program of internships aimed at pupils and students.

We organize competitions for young designers, and enable the winners to present their work at prestigious fairs. Many of these people stay with us for longer time. We are convinced that PORTA is an ideal place for young people to gain valuable experience and assimilate business models necessary for their further careers. We also appreciate the experience and maturity. In PORTA experienced workers can use their knowledge and share it with the others.



In PORTA we want to make every employee feel that he can count on the help and support from colleagues. Despite the various duties carried out every day, we are all one team. We are trying to build friendly workplace. The custom in our company is organizing Christmas meetings and balls for children. Our employees have the opportunity to get to know better during corporate events, integration trips connected with the fair industry and sports activities. Cherishing family values, we enable young mothers to return to work and approach with understanding in relation to requests by employees arising from their important life needs.

PORTA is part of a trend of social corporate responsibility. We support local cultural and educational initiatives, we are working with the local schools and sports clubs. We believe, that every organization is responsible to exert a positive influence on the environment, in which it operates.

The confirmation of our efforts and the good reputation, enjoyed by our company, is the title of Solid Employer achieved in 2014.

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