About company



We have nearly 30 years of experience.

We know that for every human being is the most important house, and each house begins with a door.
They open and close intimate world in which we want to feel happy and safe.

Our passion is to create such a door that will be open with the desire and joy, to overstep the threshold in the most important place for you in the world - your home.


We create for you 

For 30 years we have been reaching for the latest technologies and trends. Our specialists from the Innovation and R&D Departments track world design innovations and adapt them to your needs.

We want you to release the passion and creativity, so we give you the greatest market opportunities to personalize the door. You can fit them to your interior deciding not only about color, but also custom design and dimensions. I means the doors you select are your own from the beginning to the end.



We invest in modern, automated production technology, to let us offer the market the doors with the highest quality. At every stage of our products design there are working highly qualified specialists and architects. We have machinery, which consists supplied by German and Italian manufacturers, the latest generation of equipment for the production of doors and door frames.

We continue to invest in modern factory halls, and in production process we use raw materials and accessories of the highest quality. All of this to let your doors decorate the house for years.


Social Responsibility 

We appreciate above all youth, passion and vision. We believe in the potential of our indigenous architects and designers, who are looking for a responisibility to show the world their talent. So we invite aspiring young designers to take a part in Porta's competitions, to let them show their fresh and surprising ideas on interior design solutions. We actively promote our winners, and their winning projects are presented at the prestigious design fairs. In 2012 and 2013, the winners could present their projects during Lodz Design Festival, and this year the best projects of the Porta BY ME contest will be presented at the fair arena DESIGN 2015 in Poznań.

We share also the values, which guide the sportsmen. As a company we are committed to sailing, which counts passion, teamwork, perseverance and commitment. These features are very close to our company. That's why for years we are a partner to the club inland Kamen Wigry, and our employees actively participate in the regatta and club meetings. We support Kuba Strzyczkowski - Polish passionate journalist, who attended, among others, at the regatta Baltic Polonez Cup Race 2014, and locally we support also Gryf Wejherowo Football Club young players.



We believe that modern production is not only innovative technology, but also taking care of the environment. At every stage of the product manufacturing, we try to use materials from suppliers certified as FSC, which prescribes the proper management of forests and control the flow of raw materials from the forest.

We produce doors and accessories not only for houses and apartments. We also support the investment sector, equipping public buildings, modern sports halls and office buildings.

Porta KMI Poland Limited Liability Company Sp.K. is five factories producing doors, which are chosen monthly by over 20 000 Polish homes and apartments owners.

Porta facilities include:

  • factory in Bolszewo - the largest and most modern plant in Poland manufacturing interior, technical and exterior door leaves
  • 2 factories in Elk City - production of wooden (PKS) and metal (PKM) door leaves and frames
  • 2 factories in Suwalki - production of wooden doors (PKF) and frames (PKO).
  • Jacek Sarnowski and Mieczysław Ciomek are the owners of the Porta KMI Romania factory and Porta KMI Poland



We sell our products through a network of over 100 Authorized Dealers with lounges and Commercial warehouses in major Polish cities.

Our dealers work with more than 1,500 retail points of sales across the country to as many people could knock on our door.



Lukasz Luto

Chairman of the Board of Porta KMI Poland

Grzegorz Białczak

Vice president Porta KMI Poland

Artur Pęksyk

Board Member, Sales and Marketing Director Porta KMI Poland